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Annexure 1 journals from Web of Science Database

Anna University Annexure 1 Journal is a highly indexed Journal. Anna University Annexure Journals include vast journals from Web of Science database in numerous fields. Anna University Annexure 1 journal publications have both free and paid journals. Anna University has made publication mandatory for all Ph.D. candidates because it clearly shows your research and writing skills. The quality and scope of the paper will be evaluated and peer-reviewed before publication
Globally renowned research has been published in Annexure I of Anna University which has a list of journals from Web of Science with a high impact factor in which to write one's thesis or research for a doctorate.

Anna University Annexure 1 journals to submit the thesis

Students at Anna University are advised to publish their PhD research in journals with an ISI index. Access to quality-controlled Open Access Journals is provided by ISI. The goal of ISI is to take a broader view and include all open-access intellectual and scientific journals that make use of the proper kind of quality control procedures. It even has no restrictions on what languages or subject areas it can cover. It was developed in order to increase the visibility of scientific publications of high caliber, hence improving their readability and impact factor.
A research scholar should be aware that the ISI adheres to a rigid refereeing procedure and that each paper submission requires between two and four reviewers. The acceptance percentage is typically less than 50% due to the strict acceptance policies.
There are tiers and subcategories within the ISI journals. The field's most significant and original contribution is defined at the highest level of ISI. An academic's publication in an ISI-indexed journal is regarded as making a significant contribution to the subject of study.
Additionally, Anna University has strengthened the standards for prospective mentors/supervisors. Only professors with at least five publications in peer-reviewed journals on the University's list are eligible to apply for mentorship. To be qualified to mentor research students, prospective assistant professors and associate professors must have published three and two research papers, respectively, after receiving their doctoral degrees. Candidates ought to have at least one research paper published in a journal on the list.

A1 Research Article Writing Guidance

A1 Journals Paper Writing help from GoToppr is a leading platform established by our top professionals to offer interesting research paper writing help for research scholars. We have more than 300 specialized intelligence specialists who can write A1 papers to the highest possible standards for research and development. Our specialists, technical experts, technical advisers, project managers, and writers will help you at every level of the A1 Journals Writing Guidance process.

Checking A1 (SSCI or SCI Journals)

Publishing a manuscript in an A1 publication gives the researcher credibility. Anna University offers a huge range of journals covering practically all research areas. Go to the Master Journal List to see if a particular journal is an A1 journal. Check the 'Coverage' to identify the title, it must reference at least one of the necessary Web of Science databases (SSCI, SCI journals).


The research scholars need to publish one research paper in Annexure I journal and then the scholars can start preparing the thesis.

Considering the requirements of Anna University our team will prepare the manuscript in order to meet A1 journal standards, we assure 100% novelty in the work. Our tenured team will ensure the work with good quality. We provide End-to-End assistance to every scholar.

In general, acceptance depends on the journal's response, Getting acceptance in a short period is not possible in a free journal, but we can choose the right journal in order to increase the probability of paper acceptance, and always select a journal that fits the scope of the research.. You can also consider reputed journals and publishers (such as Springer, and Elsevier) that favor a more rapid turnaround between submission and decision-making.

Even if the article is accepted, it then takes an average of another six months before it is published.

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