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Scope of Journals and UGC CARE list

One of the well-known indices taken into account for many academic reasons, such as evaluating institutions, hiring and promoting faculty members, and awarding research degrees, is the number of papers published in respected journals. Publication done in dubious journals is negatively reflected, which leads to eternal scientific harm. Poor journal quality has raised severe concerns across the globe. A disproportionate amount of research papers from India are allegedly published in low-quality journals, which harms the nation's reputation. “UGC-CARE” responsibly developed the "UGC-CARE Quality Journal Reference List" in an effort to make things better which is now referred to as the "UGC CARE list". As for Ph.D. scholars, Universities will only authorize articles in unpaid journals; therefore, researchers should organize their research work efficiently because unpaid journals' acceptance times are a little longer. The manuscript must be of high quality to be accepted in unpaid journals. The highly qualified researchers from the GoToppr team will guarantee the originality and quality of the research work.

University Grant Commission's SCI list and Scopus List

“University Grant Commision-Consortium for Academic and Research Ethics (UGC-CARE)” seeks to advance publishing ethics, academic honesty, and quality research, in the Universities of India. It also seeks to advance quality publications in reputable journals to enable the Universities to rise in the world rankings. “UGC-CARE” has prepared a reference list of Journals and maintained it for academic purposes to prevent publication in low-quality journals. It is split into the following groups and made the list which is often known as the “UGC CARE list”.
Group A Journals
It contains the journals from every field which are indexed by SCOPUS and SCI like Social Science Citation Index (SSCI), Arts and Humanities Citation Index(AHCI), Science Citation Index Expanded(SCI-Expanded).
Group B Journals
Journals that meet the requirements of the Analysis methods and were previously on the "UGC-Approved List."
Group C Journals
Journals from every discipline that UGC-CARE Council members suggest and that are certified according to the analytical agreement.
Group D Journals
It involves journals in all languages and also from every field of study submitted by universities under “UGC-CARE” that meet the requirements for analysis.

Free Journals and Paid Journals of Science Citation Index

The Science Citation Index includes more than 9,000 of his journals in 177 scientific fields. Journals indexed by SCI and SCI-E are recognized as the world's leading journals. Both indexes are available online through the Library Web of Science platform. Elsevier's Scopus-indexed journals are slightly inferior to the SCI-indexed journals in terms of quality and relevance. The journal index database SCI (Science Citation Index) is a much smaller subset of the journal index database SCIE (Science Citation Index Expanded) and includes journals that are competitive among the most cited core journals in their category. Receiving approval in free journals often takes 10 to 14 months for the SCI list of journals.

Social Science Citation Index (SSCI)

SSCI includes articles chosen from 3,500 of the top science and technology publications worldwide and 3400+ journals in 58 different fields of social science. SSCI also stands for Social Science Citation Index and includes 3,000+ scientific journals in 57 social science disciplines. Journals indexed by SCI and SSCI are recognized as the world's leading journals.

Free Journals and Paid Journals of Scopus Indexed Journal

It is regarded as the top citation and abstract database for peer-reviewed journals. As a result, when a journal is stated to be Scopus-indexed, it means that its published works are mentioned with the other seventy million works that make up the Scopus database. Search sources on Scopus.com, review title lists, and rate journals using cite score and other freely available journal metrics. Use Scopus to search the journal or conference name to see if recent content is available and make sure the title is indeed indexed. For the SCOPUS list of journals, the approval process typically takes 8 to 10 months.

ABDC Journals

The Australian Business Deans Council has developed a list of periodicals called the ABDC List. Use the ABDC list to evaluate the standards of trade publications. The C, B, A, and A* rating categories form the foundation of the ABDC list. The top business journals are those with an A* or A grade. ABDC is considered a good indexer and only indexes high-quality articles. It promotes the national and global impact of Australian business education and research.


Leading journals, magazines, transactions, and letters, are published by IEEE in a wide range of areas, including electrical engineering, computing, biotechnology, telecommunications, power and energy, and many more. Through the Digital Library of IEEE Xplore, almost all of these publications are accessible digitally. IEEE Signal Processing Journal is the best electronics and electronic engineering journal. The publication contains tutorial-style articles on signal-processing research and applications. The most efficient way is to go to the home page of the IEEE Xplore journal, click the Search within check box below the general search bar, and enter your search terms into the general search bar.


A Ph.D. scholar should only publish their research papers in journals that are on the UGC list, so they can select relevant journals from the list. Based on the scope of the work and the journal impact factor, the GoToppr team will select journals.

A scholarly publication is another term that may be used to describe a peer-reviewed article. In order to maintain academic scientific excellence, the peer-review process involves having other specialists in the same field examine an author's scholarly ideas.

  1. Prepare a high-caliber paper;
  2. The UGC list includes journals from SCI and SCOPUS
  3. Select the journal that is appropriate for the topic
  4. Submit the manuscript in accordance with the instructions.
The GoToppr team can guarantee that research scholars will have their work published in a “UGC CARE list” journal.

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