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A scholarly journal is a periodical that features articles published by scholars, researchers, and other experts. Journals concentrate on a particular area of research. The majority of journal articles undergo peer review, highlight recent advancements, contain original research, include bibliographies, quote other works, and can be published online, in print, or in both formats. Journals are serially numbered and released on a regular schedule (half-yearly, quarterly, monthly, etc.). Each copy is an issue, and a volume is often made up of a group of issues from each year.

Discover free journals and international journals for SCI publication and SCOPUS publication with a plagiarism free research paper

Plagiarism free research article

Plagiarism is frowned upon by journals because it is against ethical publishing guidelines and frequently results in rejection. Rejection because of plagiarism might damage a phd scholar’s reputation and research credibility. Hence a research scholar must ensure that the manuscript ready to submit to the journal is plagiarism free. GoToppr team checks the plagiarism in the TURNITIN application and the delivered research or thesis will be plagiarism free.

SCI Publication and SCOPUS Publication Procedure

After taking into account the article's nature, references, the journal's goals and scope, performance metrics, and availability, choose the best publication. Just one journal at a time should receive the submission.

GoToppr journal team determines the best eight to ten journals for the research papers and then compiles a report outlining the benefits and drawbacks of submitting to each. Sending the research paper to journals that are appropriate for that particular research, will avoid rejection.

Prepare the manuscript to meet the requirements of the journal. Following the journal's formatting guidelines for the content, creating a compelling cover letter for the research manuscript, proofreading it, and getting a manuscript assessment report are all steps that can improve the chances of being accepted.

Another important thing to successfully communicate the findings is artwork like photos, illustrations, graphs, infographics, or other visuals is crucial. The requirements for technical artwork vary for each journal and are frequently onerous.

Our PhD services also offer the journal process which will handle every aspect of the journal paper submission. By getting complete assistance from GoToppr a research scholar will get a well-written, well-structured manuscript which will improve the chances of getting the research work accepted by the desired standard journal. Along with proofreading issues, the GoToppr team makes sure that the research work has been verified by an expert who is specialized in the domain. Our experts also examine the article’s logical flow to get, sci publication, or scopus publication

Journal Publishing and Journal’s peer review process

The journal will undergo the peer-review process as part of the submission before determining whether to publish it. The validity, originality of the research, and importance are evaluated by journal reviewers, who provide comments to strengthen the article. Editors have the option of accepting amendments, accepting, or rejecting a submission based on the peer review committee's suggestion.

Nine out of every ten manuscripts submitted to well-known scientific journals are rejected in the peer review process. With the help of experienced panelists from GoToppr, a researcher can review the article will make the necessary modifications that will improve the manuscript prior to the journal process.

Journal Submission for SCI publication, SCOPUS publication, and International journals

A manuscript must be submitted to the journal with a cover letter. When writing for publication, a strong cover letter can help the work go to the next step, which is sending it out for peer review. In the cover letter, a scholar must mention the reason why the journal should publish the research. A scholar must register for an account on the journal's website and submit the manuscript otherwise a scholar can send the manuscript with a cover letter to the journal’s email address. The whole international journals submission procedure is time-consuming and difficult. Our journal submission team will make it easier for the research scholar, providing all the necessary assistance for the journal process and also for preparing the manuscript.

Acceptance or Rejection from free journals:

If the journal decides to publish the work after making adjustments, the chief editor will share the comments mentioning editing suggestions, and based on that the manuscript will need to be rewritten in light of these recommendations. If the scholar is facing rejection from the journal, the manuscript should be reformatted in accordance with the requirements of another journal that is suitable for the research. Our journal publishing services include the entire journal process, from submitting to journals to publishing them.


A researcher must look for the precise publication that fits the scope of the research work. Ensure that the manuscript is plagiarism free, and send it with a cover letter.

The ideal method to publish the review article is to choose an acceptable journal, make sure that the topic has not recently been covered by any review paper, and raise the likelihood that it will be accepted. The editor usually chooses a topic that has not recently been covered by a review article. It will be cited if a scholar publishes a paper and it is an excellent review paper.

Yes, there are several. Someone with extensive expertise and experience in the journal procedure can recommend a trustworthy free journal. A researcher must favor unpaid journals in order to publish the research work.

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