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Journals under the “UGC CARE” list

The quantity of research papers published in low-quality journals is very high in our country, and it negatively affects the identity of India. Hence University Grants Commission allotted a few journals and demands that research scholars publish the article only in those allotted journals which is referred to as the “UGC CARE list (University Grants Commission-Consortium for Academic and Research Ethics list)”. It's compulsory for scholars to publish articles in any one journal from the list to complete the PhD Degree.
The list covers journals of all areas indexed in internationally recognized databases which are SCOPUS and Web of Science. These journals can be used for all scholarly purposes. The SCI journals and SCOPUS journals are a part of the “UGC List(Group II)”. The Empowered Committee of UGC was established to manage the performance of “UGC CARE”. This particular committee will control all tasks of the UGC cell at Pune University(SPPU).

The motive behind establishing a “UGC-CARE list”:

  • All Indian universities must support only high-quality research, academic honesty, and publishing ethics.
  • To promote high-quality papers in reputable journals in order to attain higher global rankings.
  • To avoid publication in predatory journals that reflect negatively on Indian academia and degrade its reputation.
  • To create a system and approach for identifying high-quality journals and maintain the list for all scholarly purposes.

The “UGC-CARE List” and its groups:

The University Grant Commission divides the UGC CARE List into two sections: Group I and Group II There were once four groups (A, B, C, and D).
Group I: Journals which are found eligible based on UGC protocols
Group II: Journals indexed in internationally accepted databases. The UGC list is lively hence it will be updated quarterly, on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1 of every year.

UGC-Care” has split the entire list of journals into four major categories, which are outlined below:

  • Group A: Journals from all areas which are indexed in Web of Science and SCOPUS. UGC will include all these journals without any further investigations.
  • Group B: Journals from the preceding “UGC-Approved Journals List” are eligible as per the protocols.
  • Group C: Journals from all areas suggested by “UGC CARE Council members”, are eligible as per the protocols.
  • Group D: Journals from all areas and lingo submitted by “UGC CARE Universities”, which are eligible as per the protocols.
Certain journals are usual in the SCOPUS and Web of Science database, the overall number does not accurately represent the number of titles. Journals that are indexed in the Scopus and Web of Science (WoS) databases are automatically included in Group A of the “UGC-CARE List” which gets updated frequently. Journals that have been canceled or are no longer active in this database will not be included in Group A of the “UGC-CARE List”. Web of Science and SCOPUS include Indian journals too.

Procedure to discover a journal on the UGC approved journal list

Cloned Journals

Concerns about various journals that don't adhere to accepted publishing norms have been brought to UGC Care. These journals have been removed from the UGC group after being examined in accordance with UGC Care protocols. Research scholars, please be aware that scholarly articles published in these journals will not be considered for PhD degree. The ISSN, title, logo, and other details of cloned and online versions of print-only journals have been reported to SPPU Pune's CPE and UGC unit for journal analysis. The Journal will be instantly taken down if it is discovered to be engaging in unethical behavior. Cloned list of Group I journals can be found at https://ugccare.unipune.ac.in/Apps1/User/Web/CloneJournals
Cloned list of Group II journals can be found at https://ugccare.unipune.ac.in/Apps1/User/Web/CloneJournalsGroupII


The journals under UGC will be standard journals from the Web of Science and SCOPUS database, Hence a scholar must prepare a research manuscript to match the journal quality and choose a journal based on the scope of their research, GoToppr team will help the scholars to identify the exact journals for publications process.

  • It's possible that the journals weren't delivered through the IQAC center of a specific university.
  • Journals may not be adhering to the eligible requirements.

Any errors or anomalies regarding the journal information in the UGC-CARE List may be reported using the website's feedback feature.

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