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If so, you are in the right place. GoToppr! a service provider with leading Ph.D. assistance across the globe, providing the best Ph.D. research project under various research topic and research domains. We offer all the services to Ph.D. scholars which includes the service of suggesting good research topics in engineering and management and the best Ph.D. guidance and consulting services.

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The initial stage of your Ph.D.research process is research topic selection. The perfect research topic makes the readers understand your research objective effectively and conveys to them about your interested area of domain. For a research scholar choosing a good research topic is considered one of the most difficult challenges.

Topics for Phd Management Research

Human Resource Management

Career opportunities were offered for the research scholars in Human Resource Management. Topics in HR will be focusing on understanding and evaluating the organisation and employees' performance more effectively. Personal abilities, in-depth knowledge, and other skills for the graduates were provided by the research program so that researchers can become certified practitioners within the association.

Focus area of topics in HR

  • Organizational Behaviour - The Doctoral program in organisational behaviour deals with the various categories of human behaviour in the workplace. The disciplines like Communication Sciences, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship Development, Business Administration, Psychology, Organisational Culture, Decision-Making, Job Satisfaction, Leadership, and Motivation.
  • Knowledge Management - The generation of new knowledge in administration and business science is encouraged by a Doctoral program in knowledge management. The study presents diversifying challenges at the group, company, individual, and societal levels. Opportunities to Research informatics, Business Studies, Economics, Sociology, and other disciplines are available through the doctoral program in knowledge management.
  • Total Quality Management - The pursuit of excellence and quality must be continued to produce better products, greater services, and a grateful business. The Ph.D. program in Total Quality Management examines Leadership Quality, Strategic Planning, Information Technology, Process Management, and Marketing.
  • Supply chain management - Most companies deal with allocating resources and sourcing raw materials. The Doctoral program in Supply Chain Management integrates concepts from Industrial and Systems Engineering, Operations Management, Logistics, and Information Technology.

Finance Management

Finance Management

A Ph.D. program in finance, heavily drawn on the domain of economics, gives a strong foundation in the empirical and theoretical tools of modern finance. Ph.D. scholars in finance expand their ideas and use these techniques to investigate cutting-edge topics in Corporate Finance, Asset Pricing, International Finance, Financial Institutions, and Behavioral Finance. We also generate ideas that help the managers of Mutual Funds, and other banks to make their firms more effective and productive.

Focus area in Finance Management
  • Financial Economics - Issues in an organisation involve Capital Structure, Investment Guidelines, and a firm's dividend. The Ph.D. program in financial economics deals with the study of Capital Asset Pricing, Taxation, Market Security, Macro, and Microeconomic Fluctuations. The Doctoral program in finance provides a great chance to work in high-paying fields such as researcher in the investment field and policymakers in the corporate area.
  • Behavioural Finance - The Doctoral program in behavioural finance devotes attention to the role of decision-making in the financial and economic sector of a company. Behavioural finance deals with the psychological effect of investors and shareholders of a company.
  • Banking - The research process in banking involves Corporate Funds, Capital Assets, Loans, Tax, Market Share, and Profitability of a company. The research mainly focuses on the impacting features of banking and the factors that impact the banking sector.

Marketing Management

Marketing Management

The Doctoral program in marketing helps to enlarge the understanding of theories and techniques in marketing. Ph.D. program in marketing will initiate the development of a new concept in Methodology, Psychology, and Statistics in marketing. Ph.D. in marketing involves the research in new trends and practices undergone in Marketing, Customer needs, and making necessary strategies and guidelines to fulfil those needs.

Focus area in Marketing Management
  • Consumer Behaviour - The research area in consumer behaviour includes quality of Service, Consumer Trust, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Retention, Purchasing Decision, Digital Purchasing, and so on.
  • Behavioural Finance - The Retail Marketing - The Ph.D. program in retail marketing accomplishes an enormous number of tasks such as analysing the queries of consumers and Complaints, Resolving Issues, Merchandising the Product, and Improving Business.
  • Digital Marketing - Through Digital marketing, various companies promote their Services, Brand, and Product on social media. The doctoral research in digital marketing covers vast areas like Consumer Engagement Strategies, Advertising, Data Analysis, and Marketing medium of communication.

Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management

Hospitality management improves the quality of business and enhances customer reviews. Doctoral courses in hospitality will expand the researchers' ideas to initiate and solve complex problems faced by society. By using qualitative and quantitative methods researchers show the evidence for solved problems.


Before providing any topics for Ph.D., our experts ensure to examine your ideas and requirements meticulously. The major task and key areas focused on by our experts in selecting a topic includes,
Unique Research Topic: Your topic should differ from others so that answering the questions seems to be original. Our services mainly focus on determining the trend required on solving the technical challenges, cutting edge technologies, various engineering services, and the associated products.
Convene the Research Scholars' Area of Interest: You must be enthusiastic about your research topic. You won't be able to develop a strong research paper if you lose curiosity about the topic. Therefore, our experts recommend topics only after assessing your area of interest in specific subject areas.
Support Future Research: Your research topic must give confidence to other researchers to take up related research allowing for another extent of the issue. Otherwise, your work will be cited less likely by other researchers.

The only scope of a Ph.D. scholar is to continue one's groundwork towards a scientific line of business. It makes researchers outrival in coaching or assisting companies to resolve decisive management problems. Growth in career and higher rank in an institution is achieved by the completion of Ph.D. research successfully.

We, at GoToppr, provide all the guidance in choosing the best research topic that has not been explored in previous years. We provide the research topic and research title ideas which makes it easy for you to shortlist the best topic that you are interested in. With years of experience in topic selection assistance, we formulate a value for exploring researchable topics and assist you to make the perfect choice so you won't be disappointed in the upcoming stages when your doctoral research work becomes monotonous.

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