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Services offered by GoToppr for PhD admission in Haryana

Some of our in-demand services encompass research consulting, development, testing and integration, scientific writing, surveys, language polishing, publishing, research promotion, and more.


GoToppr excels in providing top-notch consulting services tailored for knowledge process outsourcing initiatives at all levels. Our services primarily revolve around identifying cutting-edge technologies in order to focus on online Ph.D. programs and Ph.D. in Haryana, addressing technical challenges, and offering various engineering services, and associated products. We manage an extensive portfolio of technological advancements, developments, host institutions, and regulatory compliance while maintaining a centralized resource structure.
Our consulting services play a crucial role in assisting online Ph.D. programs for clients in achieving their objectives within their respective platforms and adhering to ethical processes. We prioritize both service quality and ethics, ensuring there is no compromise between the two. By aligning with institutional regulations, we deliver the best possible services, perfectly suited to our clients' needs.
Our consulting services play a vital role in the preparation of research proposals for the best university in Haryana for getting Ph.D. admission in Haryana. A research proposal is the first impression of a research scholar with the university panel members, hence GoToppr can guarantee delivering the most attractive  proposal for  direct admission in PhD in management


Our research-centric services cater to our clients through both implicit and explicit approaches. These services play a crucial role in developing robust concepts that can compete effectively within the literature, demonstrating high-end viability. Our emphasis lies in conducting research that contributes to social relevance and responsibilities rather than merely adding to literary records.
We provide cutting-edge services to global industries, the best Universities, institutions, and research-oriented enterprises within the science and engineering domains. Our services extend not only to enterprises but also to individual researchers, engineers, and managers. In the implicit mode of research, we conduct behavioral studies on clients' routines to enhance their productivity and success rates. Meanwhile, our explicit services align with clients' expectations, adopting a technological approach and delivering novel solutions.


Our distinguished services guarantee the effective implementation of our clients' innovative ideas within the realms of Engineering, Science, and Technology. GoToppr is dedicated to maximizing the throughput of our client's products, research concepts, and cutting-edge technologies, as well as promoting inspirational ideologies. This platform-oriented service places a strong emphasis on precision and tangible outcomes for Ph.D. scholars in Haryana
Our development platform spans a spectrum from low-level to high-level languages, extending into research-oriented and application platforms. The breadth of our development services is complemented by a sophisticated laboratory setup, ample resource availability, and accessible provisions, enhancing the overall support for our diversified services.

Technical Writing

Achievements throughout one's life may go unnoticed unless formally documented. Without proper documentation, accomplishments risk losing their value, particularly in terms of intellectual property rights. Our service model is designed to provide meticulously crafted documentation, including well-written ideologies, research concepts, protocols, and pseudo-codes that adhere to international standards.
Professionals and experts in their respective domains carefully handle and manage these documents, ensuring they reach refereed periodicals affiliated with esteemed universities and institutes. Utilizing advanced software technologies, we enhance the presentation of illustrations, graphics, and textual content to exceed our client's expectations and deliver a comprehensive documentation package for Ph.D. scholars in Haryana

Testing & Integration

We steadfastly align our vision with the preferences of our clients, whether it involves testing technical modules or integrating various modules with those they have developed. Prior to initiating the service plan, we conduct a comprehensive feasibility study and engage in open communication with our clients regarding the practical outcomes of the study.
Driven by our clients' convincing intentions, we rigorously test their modules and integrate them, leveraging intellectual property rights wherever applicable. Our emphasis is on ensuring the successful outcome of the resultant modules, positioning them to compete on a global standard. Beyond standardizing our clients' project modules, we actively promote them on a global scale.

Technical Survey

Embarking on the research journey, we recognize the pivotal role of conducting a critical survey. This marks the initial and foundational step, and we collaborate closely with our clients at this juncture. Our approach involves endorsing a diverse array of periodicals, specific research articles, tools, and materials essential for a successful technical review.
Moving forward, we meticulously develop the review plan, allowing our clients to assess the grade of technologies within their area of interest. This comprehensive review encompasses considerations such as future scope, key challenges, and research gaps. Every aspect of our service aligns with international standards and adheres to institutional criteria. We consider it our responsibility to ensure that our clients' survey findings are not only up to global standards but also accessible in the global library.

Publishing Services

The true measure of success in all our research endeavors is realized when the outcomes are featured in leading scientific periodicals and journals, a milestone our clients celebrate through our services. Our commitment lies in understanding the unique publishing needs of our clients, prompting us to focus on aligning their research contributions with those requirements.
We offer comprehensive suggestions and recommendations at every level to bridge the gap between their research efforts and the specific demands of publishing. A key aspect of our service is ensuring a seamless connection between their research and the constraints of publishing. With an extensive portfolio of journals, we cater to diverse client requirements, managing all processing stages and meeting expectations for article quality.
We take pride in sharing that we have successfully met the publishing requirements of 100% of our clients well within the proposed service schedule.

Research Promotion

As a researcher, have you considered the broader impact of your research within the scientific community? Do your research articles effectively reach practitioners in the field? While the publications are yours, we actively manage the global impact of your research. We analyze key global citation factors, such as the h-index, i10 index, and more, for each of your individual publications, ensuring you stay informed about their influence.
Our research promotion services are crafted to enhance citations through distinguished SEO technology, various archives, and indexing libraries. We connect your research with relevant academicians who further engage with your articles, contributing to their own research careers. This approach extends beyond traditional citation counts, positioning you as a renowned researcher globally. This service not only facilitates the expansion of your research network but also guides the next direction of your research endeavors.


Gotoppr strictly follows publication ethics of the journal, We target the most reputed journals given in the list of Haryana Universities, Our team of writers and editors evaluate the manuscript and cross check minute errors, also the review comments will be carefully addressed and resubmit appropriately.

Before communicating your manuscript to the journal, it is very essential to validate the journal’s reputation. Authenticate journals will reveal traceable contact, copyright license in the websites. Also it is mandatory to check whether they a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Member of the International Association of STM (Scientific, Technical and Medical) Publishers, member of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA)

As UGC received complaints from few suspicious journals which permits to include poor quality papers from research scholars, faculties, considering this issue the Standing Committee re-evaluated every journals based UGC criteria and removed from their list of journals,4305 journals has been removed from the UGC list. The below list of journals are removed fromapproved list which is available at https://www.ugc.ac.in/journallist/4305_Journals.pdf

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