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A research dissertation is submitted to fulfill the degree, and dissertation writing help offers dissertation help, dissertation writing, or thesis writing services based on the research or project work done by a scholar.

"Let's start with some self-evident facts". We GoToppr, the best Ph.D. research service provider make sure that our technical experts are working on your Ph.D. research paper on a basis that pays value to the publishing process. Publishing the Ph.D. research paper plagiarism free is essential to make research work accountable and to be accepted by reputed journals. So our technical team in GoToppr will work on it.

Plagiarism free research paper

We provide you 100% plagiarism-free Ph.D. research paper. If any plagiarised content is detected by any plagiarism checker we will rectify and correct it immediately. So you can feel free to contact us any time.

Accidental Plagiarism in phd thesis

Gathering information from the reference paper is a challenging process for making a research paper stronger. Adding ideas and methodology from existing papers are important steps in the literature review section, and it may lead to plagiarism.

Any Ph.D. research paper is submitted to reputed journals will be checked for plagiarism. If there exists any plagiarized content then the research paper will be rejected automatically. The credibility of research scholars will be diminished by the occurrence of plagiarism. But no need to worry about plagiarism.

We GoToppr, provide you the Ph.D. research paper as follows,

  • Reduce the plagiarized content to 10%
  • The original content will not be removed or altered.
  • Grammatical and spelling checks will be performed
  • We provide an instant plagiarism report
  • Delivery of research paper before the deadline.
  • Advice from our technical experts
  • Clear and understandable report.

Plagiarism free article

Some of the guidelines to avoid plagiarism in phd thesis and research papers are listed below,

  • Understand the content and then paraphrase it.
  • Quotations can be used to indicate the retrieved content
  • Cite the words/content taken from another paper.
  • Referred sources should be recorded and managed properly.
  • Use plagiarism checkers which help users to prepare a unique research paper.


Plagiarism occurs when publishing someone's ideas as your own without specifying the correct author attribution. When research scholars copy phrases from any other journals and summarize these ideas without providing quotation marks or citations plagiarism may occur. Our technical experts provide you with a research paper with unique content with originality. But checking plagiarism is mandatory for Ph.D. research paper writing services and publishing services.

We GoToppr will provide you with the Ph.D. research paper without plagiarized content. For that our technical experts use TURNITIN software to prepare a plagiarism report. TURNITIN, a licensed software acts as an extraordinary plagiarism checking tool. After detecting the plagiarized content a report will be generated with a percentage of plagiarized content in the research paper. Plagiarism may happen accidentally.

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