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Types of research data analysis

The research data analysis for the PhD scholars is categorized as qualitative, quantitative, artificial, and machine learning-based data analysis.

Qualitative research data analysis

We offer qualitative research data analysis that deals with the descriptions and words of the data utilized for research and is subjective in nature that is difficult to analyze peculiarly for comparison. The data concerning the qualitative research is obtained through personal interviews or through question-end surveys. The opinion, texture, experience, or taste-based data analysis that doesn’t use the statistical analysis and it may be a content analysis, ground theory, or narrative analysis.
Ground Theory
We GoToppr offers the research data analysis based on ground theory by gathering the data and the analysis of the real-world data for discovering innovative theories.
Narrative Analysis
Our qualitative research data analysis team experts help the research scholars in writing the narrative analysis using the data gathered through autobiographies, conversations, letters, journals, interviews, or from the own experience of the PhD scholars and helps to interpret the gathered information in narrative format.
Content Analysis
From the few qualitative data in the text, our research data analysis professionals help to analyze the verbal and behavioral concepts, themes or words concerning the research.

Quantitative research data data analysis

We offer various qualitative research data analysis help services from the initial data gathering still the implementation to perform the final analysis. Our team experts analyze the research methodology and decide the appropriate statistical tools from Statistical Analysis System (SAS), Qualitative data analysis (Nvivo), Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), Structural equation modeling (AMOS), etc., and provide the research data analysis help. Several online research data analysis services provided by us include
  • Relational Statistics (Multiple correlation, and Correlation)
  • Descriptive Statistics (Mean, Median, Variance, Mode, and Standard deviation)
  • Non-parametric tests (Mann-Whitne and chi-square)
  • Parametric Tests (ANOVA, t-test, regression, and F-test)
  • Mean difference Tests (Z-Test)

Data Analysis in Research of Artificial and Machine learning:

Our data analysis experts help the research scholars to analyze the data through deep learning techniques such as artificial neural networks, generative adversarial networks, self-organizing maps, autoencoders, deep reinforcement learning, and several other techniques. Besides, the visualization and graph-oriented analysis also provided by our PhD help service experts in research data analysis to complete the research with a better grade.
Assistance with data collection and the source code
Our research data analysis service experts prepare the research interpretation reports for the scholars and provide it on time through emails. Besides, the structural equation modeling, multivariate analysis, and qualitative and quantitative analysis services are provided within the timeframe and the queries concerning the analysis service will be cleared up by our skilled expert.
We also help the scholars with coding, analyzing, and testing innovative ideas through our skilled experts in the research data analysis team. The research interpretation help service helps the scholars to interpret the results in several formats. We help the scholars to strengthen the qualitative data analysis from tabulation and graphical results through well-structured interpretation format that improves the grade of the research writing.


We offer the research data analysis help service by analyzing the research methodology. Then, the current and the most appropriate software is chosen by our skilled statisticians for analyzing the research data. Our data analysis consulting team experts helps the scholars to provide more accurate results within the scheduled time with the best problem-solving approach and future possibilities. We provide the research data analysis help service for data collection, source code, thesis, dissertations, and all kinds of journal articles and papers.

Initially, our research data analysis team experts help the scholars to sort the complex data into a simple meaningful format through the proper categorization. The choosing of the right statistical tool with advanced techniques concerning the scholar’s requirement and the developed research methodology is the second step. The third step is the data analysis using the selected tool. Here, we offer the report writing help service additionally for the scholars. The final step is the interpretation of the result. We help the scholars to present the finding through a structured format. Thus, our research data analyzing team experts help the scholars to analyze the data to obtain better grades.

Scholars face difficulties in data collection and interpretation while doing the research data analysis. Our team of experts is highly skilled and updated with recent technologies, they guide the scholars on the right path to collect the data and to choose the proper tool for the analysis. Besides, we help the scholars to analyze the data and to write the report.

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