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Universities and Institutions offering part-time Ph.D. in Chennai

  • Ph.D Admission - Anna University

    Anna University, being a prominent technical university, often provides part-time Ph.D. programs in various disciplines. Research Scholars can explore the Department of Management Studies or other relevant departments.
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Madras)

    Ph.D. programs in engineering, sciences, humanities, and management may be available part-time at IIT Madras. For more information, it's best to check with the relevant department.
  • SRM Institute of Science and Technology

    Part-time Ph.D. programs are available at SRM Institute of Science and Technology in a number of subjects, including engineering, management, science, humanities, and social sciences.

Universities and Institutions offering Ph.D. in Management in Chennai

If interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in Management in Chennai, there are several universities and institutions that offer doctoral programs in management or related fields. Here are a few options to consider:
  • Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras)

    One prominent university that offers a Ph.D. program in management is IIT Madras. The Department of Management Studies at this institution specializes in different facets of management research.
  • Anna University

    The Department of Management Studies at Chennai's Anna University offers a Ph.D. in Management Sciences. Finance, marketing, operations management, human resource management, and other topics are covered in the program.

Steps for Phd Journey and PhD in Chennai

The Ph.D. path usually consists of multiple phases, each with its own set of goals to be accomplished. Although the specifics can differ between disciplines and universities, the following is a general outline of the steps in a Ph.D. program:
  • Think about the goals for earning a PhD

    It is crucial to give careful thought to the motivations for starting a Ph.D. as well as the goals for finishing one. Earning a PhD can be very beneficial, even for people who decide not to pursue research in the future.
  • Compose a study plan

    A Ph.D. project may be offered with a pre-planned research proposal or may be required to create one, either prior to or following your selection of a supervisor. The research committee at the university will need to approve both this proposal and the confirmation of candidature.
  • Select a PhD advisor

    While it is not uncommon for some students to have three or four supervisors, some only have one key supervisor and one or two other supervisors. It's crucial to keep in mind that the supervisor might have a large number of students under their guidance, which could severely restrict their time.
  • Create a budget for Research

    The ability to plan and manage research budgets efficiently is a critical project management skill when doing research. Submit a grant application in order to request funding, make sure to look the requirements in great detail.
  • Get started on writing as soon as possible on the research

    While conducting the research, most universities encourage their students to do a literature review. As data is gathered and examined, project proposals can be revised and methods sections can be created. Even before beginning data collection, the scholar can prepare conference talks, posters, and updated literature reviews.
  • Take into account the format and organization of your thesis

    The precise organization and formatting of the thesis will differ significantly based on the project, discipline, department, university, and area of study. For information on thesis format requirements, always consult the university's guidelines.
  • Obtain critiques for writing

    Seek input on various aspects of writing, such as accuracy, clarity, and brevity, from suitable advisors in addition to the supervisor. Projects are being written for a range of purposes to reach academic audiences, so make sure the writing is concise and clear.
  • Get familiar with peer-reviewed paper publishing

    Students are expected to turn in a significant amount of their thesis as published papers on a regular basis. Not every Ph.D. project can be easily prepared as individual papers, but keep in mind to check recently submitted thesis to see how people have finished their thesis within the department and within the discipline.
  • Send your thesis in

    The process of turning in the thesis might involve doing extra work and preparing documentation.
  • Finalization

    Completing the requirements successfully and receiving a Ph.D.


Almost all PhD applications require interviews (the only exception being if you were staying at the same university and your supervisor and department knew the work already).
The candidate will be extended an invitation to speak with potential supervisors and other university personnel regarding the project in question. To determine whether a candidate is a good fit for this Ph.D. program and university, they will quiz on the material in question. During some interviews, candidates may also be asked to give a brief presentation about their project idea or the course they would like to take on an already-announced project.

Opportunities for funding can come from institutional initiatives, industry partnerships, government grants, and private foundations. Look into fellowships, scholarships, and research grants that are relevant to the field

We have compiled a short list of the top journals across all subject areas using our field knowledge and experience. We communicate with our Research Scholars about the duration of each journal's paper publication, taking into account their requirements.

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