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PhD Admission Procedure in India

For each University admission procedures will be varied. Hence one should choose the University and analyze the procedure from the website or from the research scholars who are already doing Ph.D's at that University.

Entrance Examinations

Every University will conduct an entrance exam to enroll the Ph.D. candidates. Candidates who are eligible after the entrance exam will called by the University for further process.

Preparation of PhD Proposals

The Universities will provide a proposal format and based on the format the proposal should be prepared with objectives and novel research methodology.

Cracking the Interview

The proposal will be submitted or presented in the interview and the selection of the proposal will be based on the novelty or innovative ideas. One can take guidance from their supervisor or external research experts for the preparation of the proposal.

Course Work

The first semester of the doctoral degree will be coursework.

Literature Review

Publishing a survey paper is to obtain knowledge about what are the work done by the researchers in a field previously. A survey paper is an article where recent 50-60 journal papers will be reviewed.

Modeling and Execution of Research Work

As per the methodology research work will be implemented using tools(MATLAB/Python, etc), and prepare the research manuscript based on the obtained result.

Research Publications

A research scholar should publish a minimum of two research papers either in Web of Science or SCOPUS journal. GoToppr can help research scholars in publishing research papers in reputed journals.

Doctoral Committee Meetings

These meetings are scheduled by the University to analyze the research works, every six months the University will conduct the meeting and the scholars need to present the progress report of their research work.

Useful Software for Research

A research scholar should be aware of the software that is useful for implementation like MATLAB, Python, TURNITIN, etc.,

Types of Journals

There are n number of journals, but Ph.D. scholars should always target free journals unpaid journals or journals that do not have APC. A Ph.D. scholar should publish journals which are under the UGC list. Web of Science and SCOPUS are international database that comes under Group II of the UGC List. The GoToppr team can assist Ph.D. scholars in publishing research papers in reputed journals.

Preparation of Thesis

The research scholars who completed two research paper publications in reputed journals can proceed with Thesis chapters. GoToppr will help scholars in preparation of plagiarism-free thesis chapters within a short period of time

Preparation of Slides

For each Doctoral Committee Meeting, the research scholars should submit the progress report with presentations. Even if the research scholars had taken external assistance for the research work, it would have been better for the scholars to understand the work and prepare the PPT by themselves. Hence they can present in front of the panel members with confidence.

Viva Voce Examination

Based on the research paper publication and source code the supervisor along with other Doctoral committee members will raise certain questions. Ph.D. scholars can defend themselves in Viva Voce if they have sound knowledge about their research.

Thesis Review Process and Responding to Reviews

After the submission of the thesis, the committee members will review it, and if the scholar can defend themselves in the review meeting, one can be sure that they have successfully completed their doctoral degree

PhD Convocation

At final the University will award the Doctoral degree to scholars on the day of convocation.
GoToppr can help the research scholars in every stage of research from topic selection to the final thesis submission, and our research experts are capable of guiding the scholars in every paper publication and also for review meetings.


PhD admission to Pune University is subject to the PhD Entrance Test (PET), which is administered by SPPU. Those who have passed the GATE UGC NET (including JRF) or SLET  or CSIR NET (including JRF) and who hold a teaching fellowship are excluded from the university-conducted admission exam.

Candidates who have completed a one-year or two-semester master's degree program after completing a four-year or eight-semester bachelor's degree program, or a two-year or four-semester master's degree program after completing a three-year bachelor's degree program, or qualifications declared equivalent to the master's degree by the corresponding statutory body.

PhD admittance is determined via entrance tests. The top Ph.D. entrance examinations include UGC NET, CSIR UGC NET, NPAT, and IIT JAM. A valid GATE score is required for candidates wishing to pursue a PhD in Engineering and Technology.

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