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Research presentation guidelines:

At GoToppr our technical experts prepare the research presentation as per the following guideline:
  • Concise research Presentation
  • The presentations time planning
  • Title slide of research presentation
  • Introduction
  • Research Methodology
  • Results
  • Implications and Conclusions
  • Acknowledgments

Research Paper Presentation Guidelines:

Concise Presentation
The research paper presentation is a visual version of your Ph.D. research paper. The research paper presentation should comprise of a short introduction, review of literature, research methodology, table/graphs used in the research paper associated with the findings, and an interpretation of data.
The presentations time planning
For explaining the slides, the research scholar should only 1 min/slides. Good research paper presentations include the information with bulleted lists, diagrams, tables, and graphs.
Title slide
Title of the research paper, name and register number of research scholar, date of presenting paper should be provided on the title page of research paper presentation.
In the introduction slide, explain the work concisely. Mention everything undergone in the research paper. Use visuals like photographs, drawing to get the viewers eager about the subject and questions you are addressing. State the hypothesis clearly in the paper presentation.
Research Methodology
Summarize the method used in the research paper clearly in the paper presentation. Show a detailed structure of methodology and explain how it is used in the research paper. Explain the dataset and sample taken to perform the research methodology.
First show a snap that shows appealing qualitative results and state that result. Then show the results in graphical form, reminding the viewers about the derived hypothesis. Use simple, and visibly labeled graphs with a proper axis. Don't use light colors in figures, when projected they do not show up well. If you have numerous outcomes, state them in a logical order in the research paper presentation.
Implications and Conclusions
Interpret the result correctly and clearly. Explain the difficulty in methodology and error that occurred in the research work.
Thank the audience and research specialists for their attention and clarify the doubts asked by the audience or research experts after presenting the research paper presentation.

GoToppr Research Presentation services

We GoToppr, the best phd presentation provider has the technical expert's incredible skill to gather integrated information and exhibit it on a rational number of slides. Technical experts in GoToppr integrate the amount of information from existing papers and incorporate accurate results in research presentations. At GoToppr, our research presentation experts help you to create a simple, interesting, and informative, comprehensive research presentation for your conference meet.


We GoToppr extremely meticulous in designing each element of your research presentation like what to include/exclude in slides, outline, purpose, structure, and use appropriate graphics and images. GoToppr supports the research scholars for preparing all types of thesis presentation, proposal presentation, research paper presentation.

When giving a research presentation, it's enticing to start by bearing in mind what you are going to be presenting. A superior approach is explain what your audience needs. Our expert team in GoToppr can create an elegant research presentation on any research topic for any study subject and make delivery well before your deadline

Knowing the research presentation purpose is the stuff of formulating the actions which you need to make exciting in your audience. Research presentation permits the research scholar to get feedback and reviews of the proposed Ph.D. research. Research presentation helps to redefine the topic of a research paper.

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