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GoToppr - project implementation in NS2 & NS3 for phd research

GoToppr offers the best research implementation service for research scholars to work with network simulation implementation support. We offer our extensive support to the scholars to implement the phd research work on both the NS2 and NS3 software.

Project implementation support for phd research or research program in networking, NS2 most favored software of network researchers

NS2 phd research implementation service

NS2 is the discrete, event-driven software that includes C++ and OTcl languages. With the help of OTcl is helpful to alter the control and speed of writing, while C++ offers fast packet processing with complete control. NS2 is the open-source simulator that supports all variants of TCP like Network Processing, Multicast Routing, and Ad-hoc Routing.

We offer NS2 phd research implementation service for networking research projects based on both wired and wireless networks. Our skilled experts support the scholars to do the simulation through simple configuration with the latest updated technologies. We provide our extended support to the scholars to handle different networking techniques to complete their Ph.D. thesis. Our experts initially analyze the problem statement and offer the appropriate mechanism to overcome the network issues. We also offer an online implementation help service to solve the network issues like Network Traffic Management, Secure Routing, Message Overhead, Multipath Routing, and all the network-related issues.

NS3 phd research implementation service

NS3 comprises of several inbuilt libraries and acts like both emulators and simulators. Our NS3 phd research implementation team provides the best support to frame the complex project by innovative ideas. NS3 supports C++ and python which makes the scholars to conduct fruit-bearing results. Besides, we provide support to the scholars to run real implementation code in the simulator. Our infinite service-providing team experts offer the best assistance to the scholars from the topic selection still the completion of phd research thesis writing.

Implementation support for project implementation in NS2

Our Ph.D. research team offers the best service to the scholars by understanding the research requirement and paying attention to solve the queries and respond immediately. The professional assistance provided by our experts definitely improves the academic grade and the timely completion is assured by us. The general framework followed by us to implement the research in NS is

  • Initially set the parameter
  • Simulator instance needs to be created
  • Then create the trace file
  • Topology of the research needs to be created
  • Set the boundaries for the network
  • Configure the node
  • Generate the traffic flow
  • Start the simulation

Network Simulator support

  • Our experienced professionals in the Network Simulator help the Ph.D. research scholars to simulate the problem statement of the research through the proper alignment and open simulation environment.
  • The extension of the packages and the easier project implementation enhances the scalability through its object aggregation proficiency.
  • The real-time experiments can be done through the NS in which by configuring the network parameters the required circumference can be modeled and evaluated which is difficult when considering the real network.
  • The easier graph making, obtaining the information regarding the packets, visual transmission among the nodes, and monitoring the activities of the network is possible through the NS by making some integrations with the software that enables the researcher to develop the researches in real-time based applications.

We GoToppr offers the research help services for the scholars doing Ph.D. through the NS implementation related to the domains such as designs based on the cellular networks like 5G networks, MIMO, WLAN, WBAN, Antenna designs, and so on, Ad-hoc networks such as VANET, MANET, and so on, Internet of Things (IoT) such as Smart Healthcare, Smart City Management, Smart Transportation, Smart Waste Management and so on, Software-Defined Networks, Cognitive Radio Networks, and all the possible topics related to the network will be provided.


We provide our extensive support for research program and for the scholars to complete the implementation from our skilled experts with updated technologies and innovative ideas within the deadline. Besides, we maintain the confidentiality of service and maintain privacy without revealing the information to the third party.

NS3 acts like an emulator and hence applicable to real-world applications and is written using C++ and script language is written using python. Besides, it requires less computation time compared to NS2.
NS2 can’t act as an emulator and the simulation script language is not applicable, while TCL script language can be used.
Our expert implementation service providers help to identify the appropriate implementation of your problem statement by analyzing the area of research.

The proactive and reactive routing protocols are the two different types of routing protocols. The proactive routing protocol knows the routing information initially, while the reactive routing protocol knows the information during the information sharing dynamically. Our online research implementation help service offers the research implementation service in both types.

The nodes in the network will be created using the node containers. The node can be created using the syntax
NodeContainer nodes;
Our research implementation team helps the scholars to develop the NS3 simulation for the completion of the research and to obtain the best quality work.

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