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Journal vs. Conference Paper

Journal papers are designed for publishing in journals with a good journal impact factor, but conference papers are intended for presentation at conferences and may be published in conference proceedings. This is the main difference between the two types of papers, even though both involve writing. The reviewing procedure also differs significantly, with journal publications requiring a far more stringent and extensive examination. Furthermore, conference papers often only contain four to ten pages, which is less than journal papers. PhD scholars can receive complete advice from GoToppr research experts for both journal and conference publications. Experts from the GoToppr team can help students choose a topic, apply it, and prepare a research paper that will be published in reputable journals with a high journal impact factor.

IEEE Research Conference

Each year, the IEEE publishes 1,700+ cutting-edge conference proceedings, which are regarded by both academia and business as the most significant compilation of integrated published papers in the domains of electrical engineering, electronics engineering, computer science, and allied fields.

International Conference to Journal Paper

Reviewers and editors have recently expressed some uncertainty on whether it is appropriate for an author to submit a journal paper based on content that has already been published in one or more conference papers. The editorial's goal is to make the position of the IEEE Communications Society on this issue is more clear. Conference papers can be evolved into journal papers, according to the IEEE policy, and publications of content that has already been published in a conference paper are permitted if there has been the usual IEEE accepted peer review with additional content to the primary conference publication as per section 8.1.7.E of the IEEE Publications and Services Products Board Operations Manual. Additionally, the steering committee or governing society will decide whether a quantitative threshold is necessary to establish how much additional information beyond the conference paper is necessary.
Authors are encouraged by the IEEE Communications Society to submit papers that are updates of their conference work. IEEE Communications Society requires that the submitted article have a substantial quantity of new information that is distinct from that in the conference papers, but it did not have a quantitative criterion for judging this. Instead, we defer to the editorial board's decision. When submitting a manuscript to a journal that contains content from earlier conference papers, writers are required by the IEEE Communications Society to do the following: cite the earlier conference papers and let the editor know about these earlier publications. A conference's top papers are frequently requested for quick journal publication.

Preference for Conference paper

  • Conference publications ought to be preferred in computer science. Here are a few of them.
  • Conferences have stricter requirements for originality. Comparing a journal version to an earlier conference version, journals frequently require 20% to 30% of the content to be fresh.
  • Conferences are given more respect. This is somewhat a legacy of the history of the discipline of computer science, but it also serves as a self-reinforcing mechanism because the top academics prefer submitting their work to conferences over publications.
  • Conferences occur at better times. A journal publication may take years to appear or even for reviews to be returned, whereas conference reviews are sometimes completed in a matter of months, and the proceedings are also published rapidly.
  • Conferences have greater effect and visibility. There will be a sizable audience for the discussion, hence getting the chance to answer questions, and people will chat with one another in the aisles. Even without including the event itself, more conference proceedings are read by non-participants than are periodicals.
  • The quality of conferences is higher. In the sector of software engineering, acceptance rates to reputable conferences are often about 10%, although even the finest publications are less selective. There are low-quality conferences and journals, of course. It's a solid rule of thumb that ACM sponsors the best conferences.


In a perfect world, a scholar would select the conference based on how closely it relates to the selected topic of the paper. The GoToppr team provides full assistance for conference activities, and the team will select the conference depending on the pertinent topic.

An author or a related employee has the opportunity to put their cards on the table on a specific topic in a conference paper. It allows a scholar the chance to declare a fresh idea on the topic of the conference where the paper is presented is well attended. If the paper is a review of the topic, the scholar will also have the chance to acknowledge audience members whose participation helped to come up with your original thoughts. A survey article can also be presented at a conference, GoToppr offers the service for review papers to be presented at a reputed conference

Consult a professional or Guide for assistance on which conferences to choose and then submit the article. The GoToppr team will assist researchers with conference paper preparation and conference publication.

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