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In Engineering research Master's degree qualification, clearing the entrance exam, and an interview are the three important steps for engineering Ph.D. admission, phd application to become a research scholar

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PhD is a research program with a career focus. The duration for completing PhD course is a minimum of three years. It can also take three to six years to complete the Ph.D. course from any University. To register for the Ph.D. course the candidates must hold a Master's degree in the corresponding subject or a bachelor’s degree with 75% aggreegate. Ph.D. research scholars can obtain a Master's degree in any field and they should have educational experience in that respective field. Students who got graduated in the Ph.D. course have an extensive range of work opportunities in the research field. Ph.D. course graduates first and foremost they work as Consultants, Professors, and Research & Development experts.

PhD Course Details

PhD Course Details
Course PhD
Abbreviation Doctor of Philosophy
Eligibility criteria Master’s degree or Bachelors degree with 75% aggregate
Duration Minimum 3 years & Maximum 6 Years
Course fee 15,000 to 20,000 per year
Mode of study Regular mode / Distance mode
Career phd opportunities Researchers, Consultants, Professors, and Research & Development experts.

PhD Course Duration

The Ph.D. course duration is at least two years from the date of enrollment, and for outside candidates, the course length is three years. Candidates must complete the Ph.D. course within 5-6 years. However, the duration of the course will vary from University to University. However, the Ph.D. courses are based on a semester system and include both theoretical and practical versions of each specialized course.

Eligibility to become research scholars

The entrance process for Ph.D. courses needs a degree of Bachelor’s or Master’s from an accredited University. Candidates must attain a lowest of 45-50% in their entrance exam, for which they are essential to meet the criteria for one of the national/state entrance exams for admission to a Ph.D. course. Research scholars should prepare their research proposal as they will need to present it to the University of their choice for the application. The eligibility criteria for a Ph.D. course depend on the guidelines of a particular University and the course in which the student wishes to apply.

Ph.D. Course Syllabus and Syllabus details for research program

PhD Course Syllabus and Syllabus details
Popular Ph.D. courses in Humanities
Ph.D. in Humanities Ph.D. Economics Ph.D. Geography
Ph.D. in Social Work Ph.D. in English Ph.D. in Social Sciences
Ph.D. in Public and Economic Policy Ph.D. in Humanities & Social Sciences Ph.D. in Humanities and Life Sciences
Ph.D. in Psychology Ph.D. in Arts Ph.D. in International Relations and Politics
Ph.D. in Physiology Ph.D. in Public Policy Ph.D. in Literature
Popular Ph.D. Courses in Science
Ph.D. in Chemistry Ph.D. in Clinical Research Ph.D. in Science
Ph.D. in Bioscience Ph.D. in Bioinformatics Ph.D. Biotechnology
Ph.D. in Mathematical and Computational Sciences Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Engineering Ph.D. in Applied Chemistry & Polymer Technology
Ph.D. in Applied Sciences Ph.D. Zoology Ph.D. in Physics
Ph.D. in Basic and Applied Sciences Ph.D. in Mathematics Ph.D. in Zoology
Popular Ph.D. Courses in Commerce
Ph.D. in Commerce Management Ph.D. in Accounting and Financial Management
Popular Ph.D. Courses in Engineering
Ph.D. in Engineering Ph.D. in Genetic Engineering Ph.D. in Civil Engineering
Ph.D. Program in Quantitative Techniques Ph.D. in Engineering and Technology Ph.D. Electronics & Communication Engineering
Ph.D. Computer Science Engineering Ph.D. in Electronics and Communication Engineering Ph.D. in Aeronautical and Automobile Engineering
Ph.D. in Information Technology Ph.D. in Ceramic Engineering Ph.D. in Production Engineering
Ph.D. in Marine Biotechnology Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering
Popular Ph.D. Courses in Business & Management
Ph.D. Business Administration Ph.D. in Management Ph.D. in Aviation Management
Ph.D. in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Ph.D. in Accounting and Financial Management Ph.D. in Marketing/ Brand Management
Ph.D. in Commerce Ph.D. in Commerce and Management
Popular Ph.D. Courses in Law
Ph.D. in Law Ph.D. in Constitutional Law Ph.D. in Law and Governance
Ph.D. in Legal Studies
Popular Ph.D. Courses in Teaching & Education
Ph.D. in Education Ph.D. in Teaching

Ph.D. Courses Structure

The course of action that candidates need to go through when pursuing a Ph.D. course is listed below

  • Initially candidates are supoosed to choose the Ph.D. course provided by the recognized University, they should present the selected research topic along with research proposal.
  • Next research scholars are assigned with research supervisor. The course work details, methods of assessments for the research work is provided by research instructor with detailed information.
  • On the process of research work, research scholars should present the research seminor as per the university guidelines and then submit a certificate under a specified format for the research unit.
  • The Ph.D. research scholar have to then publish a research paper in peer-reviewed journal and be required to submit the certificate in the agreed layout to the research institution before submitting the doctoral research paper.
  • Pre application seminar will be hold by the research instructor before submitting the research paper. The report will be submitted including suggestions for enhancement
  • Research summary must be submitted to the research supervisor at least 45 days before submitting the thesis.
  • The submitted research paper will be reviewed by external research specialists. If an specialist provide any modification in research paper, he/she must resubmit a modified research paper.
  • Finally a viva-voce is arranged in which research scholars can openly defend their research paper before a panel of research experts. Research scholars who successfully complete all these levels perfectly will be awarded a Ph.D.


The project's/data collection's goal is for the student to learn the rigours of performing academic and intellectual research.

  1. Earn a bachelor's degree in a relevant discipline.
  2. Become a Research Assistant to gain research expertise in your field.
  3. Depending on your selected topic of study, you might think about pursuing postgraduate courses.

One of the best educational combinations in the world is an MBA and a PhD. A PhD programme gives students the opportunity to do independent research and to become experts in a particular field of study.

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