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Publication Charges in Paid Journals

A Creative Commons Licence is used by some journals to publish all of their publications completely open access. This enables the scientific community and the general public to gain quick, limitless, and free access to scholarly papers as well as the freedom to reuse the information so long as proper credit is given to the authors. Authors have to pay a one-time Manuscript Processing Charge (MPC) for manuscripts that are approved following peer review in order to offset the costs associated with offering our premium publishing service and free access to readers. There will not be any fees for articles that are rejected, there are no extra fees for lengthy articles, and there are no submission fees, supplemental data or figures. Editorials, additions, comments, retractions, letters, corrections, and other similar material are all published without charge. Due to a lack of time, the majority of research scholars turn to paid journals for fast publication, however, in order to plan their research work effectively, research scholars need to receive suitable help from specialists of GoToppr who are knowledgeable about the entire PhD process. They can easily apply for an unpaid journal, and receive a high-quality publication without any publication charges.

Impact factor of Scientific Journals

The impact factor of scientific journals has been used to gauge their quality. Journals heavily promote this metric in an effort to draw in high-quality research and more subscribers. The number of citations to the journal's articles over a two-year period is used to determine the impact factor. This brings up a number of important issues. The main assumption is that the quantity of citations is proportional to the quality of the work. The quantity of citations also differs significantly among disciplines. The financial success of a journal depends on its impact factor, hence it is critical that its articles are regularly cited. Although this affects what is published, it is regrettably inconsistent with what advances research. The GoToppr team provides publication services for PhD scholars and other researchers. The journal team will choose reputable journals based on the prepared article and impact factor, and will give a full guarantee that the submission will be approved by the journals.

Open access Journals

When open access first appeared in the early 2000s, it was hailed as the answer to the issues with access, finance, and the dissemination of research findings. With open access, the articles are freely accessible, and the research scholars pay the publishing expenses. The impact factor will no longer have the same impact on how results are published. It will be simpler to publish replication studies and negative research. There are journals that are exclusively open-access, although some traditional subscription journals also provide open access for a fee.
On the other hand, open access has created the path for an entirely new approach to making money. This modification also indicates that, as long as they can charge the research scholars, the journal won't necessarily have any financial incentives to guarantee proper peer review or quality control or link to their impact factor at all. This kind of publishing is also expensive. The cost is often between USD 1500 and USD 3000 for an entirely open-access publication, but it can go up to USD 6000 for traditional subscription-based journals.

Article Processing Charges(APC) or Manuscript Publishing Charges(MPC)

Publishing the articles in independent open-access journals require funding. Although they do not get any income from subscriptions or any other sources, they nevertheless must pay for costs such as the call for Paper promotion, graphic design, advertising, formatting, typesetting, editing, website upkeep, and other expenses. It is essential that some fees be assessed for maintaining software such as plagiarism detection programmes, etc.It covers the following
The editorial process
This includes handling peer review, author amendments, and the final judgement. MPCs also pay for the administrative tasks associated with papers that are rejected.
Funding initiatives that advance the field of study, such as prizes, conference sponsorship, and grants.
Journal administration
It includes overseeing the editorial board and website of the journal as well as promoting it within the research community.
Creation of articles
Excellent typesetting, formatting, and creation of documents in PDF format.
Hosting and distributing articles
Website conservation, communication with indexing database.


Read the review time on the journal website. It is probably a paid journals if it states within 7 to 15 days. It will take months for unpaid journals to share the review comments. It is always good to proceed with unpaid journals.

In addition to other publishing services, the one-time Article Processing Charge (APC) that authors must pay covers the costs of peer review management and administration expert creation of papers in PDF and some other formats, and distribution of published papers in multiple venues. There is no APC for unpaid journals.

The possibility of the paid journals being blacklisted exists. If a research scholar publishes in a for-profit journal and their work is blacklisted, it will harm their career, doctoral degree, and financial resources. The PhD scholars should not squander time beginning their research because it is crucial for them to publish their articles in journals because peer-reviewed publications take time to accept submissions. Both PhD scholars and other researchers can safely submit their work for publication in unpaid publications.

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