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What're the difficulties in Publication?

Every research scholar facing difficulties in publishing the articles in reputed journals but most of the time it was rejected by the reviewers due to various reasons like plagiarized content, the article does not match with the journal's aim and scope, etc. To avoid such difficulties the research scholar needs perfect guidance who have years of experience in research work and publishing research articles.

Importance of Research publication and its Duration

To get acceptance from SCI journals the minimum time duration is 10-12 months and the maximum is 12-14 months similarly for SCOPUS 8-10 months. Each research scholar should gain knowledge about the journals there will be paid journals as well as unpaid if a scholar chose to proceed with paid journals they will face a lot of issues in their career because if an article gets accepted before the minimum time duration then the University will question them and after a few days the journal will be removed. So there will be no publication in the name of the scholar and it's a waste of time and money, each scholar should focus on non-paid journals.

Ph.D. Mandatory for Assistant Professors

It’s only two years for the Amendment Regulation, 2021(Minimum Qualifications for Appointment of Teachers and Other Academic Staff in Universities and Colleges and Measures for the Maintenance of Standards in Higher Education), to come under action. A gazette notification is also released regarding the same, hence every scholar should hurry up and find a Ph.D. Guidance/ Ph.D. Center/ Ph.D. Support and get the article published in a reputed journal and complete their degree.

GoToppr provides research assistance to the Ph.D. scholar to complete the degree within the course duration with good publication from reputed journals like SpringerLink, Elsevier Wiley,  Taylor and Francis, etc. They also provide help in the proposal, implementation in MATLAB/Python, Ph.D. Writing services in India,  Pre-Synopsis assistance, Thesis writing services in India, Ph.D. services in India, Dissertation writing services in India, Research Help, Research assistance, Journal Publishing and, so on.

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