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Online PhD programs-Research Scholar and Supervisor

The student will be like an assistant to complete a certain task or project which is their supervisor’s and completely irrelevant to their own research work if it seems so, the student is wasting their time to please the Guide. For example, if the researcher gains some knowledge in the domain by collecting a few research articles and tries to solicit feedback from the supervisor but they won’t respond,  the supervisor would eventually urge them to come up with a new topic. This is how a Ph.D. scholar’s time gets wasted. Due to a lack of support or guidance from the supervisor, the scholar will be in a great dilemma and will be forced to proceed with fast publications in the final stage.

Doctorate Degree Course Duration

The course duration is three to five years for a full-time scholar and 6-8 years for a part-time scholar. Once the course time is in its end-stage, the same supervisor asks the students to hurry up and complete their research work because they need to find new students, hence the Ph.D. scholar will have to go for paid journals or open access journals for getting acceptance within two to three months which turns out to be a great mistake committing by each research scholar, such that after a certain period of the time the particular journal will be blacklisted and the researcher will not be able to find it hence there will be no published paper in scholar’s  name after a certain period of time, so it will affect the scholar’s career. Nowadays the Universities are not accepting the paid journals.

If the research scholar is a part-time scholar, they need to balance their work-life with their research work. In this case, the student must need support who can guide them in selecting a trending topic and give justification for each and every question raised by their guide. Once the scholar started to justify the things, the guide may no longer be able to control them, and also, they do not need to rely on their guide for opinions and suggestions.

A research scholar needs to understand what are all the things they need to do to complete the research work. Some scholars may have no idea about the paper publication and so on, hence support from an expert is necessary for a research scholar to complete their research work successfully. In this case, a scholar needs the external support of an expert who is familiar with research work and provides information and research assistance to complete the research work.

Ph.D. Course and requirements to fulfill doctorate degree

Each University has certain criteria to complete the degree and it’s mandatory for each scholar to publish at least two research papers in a reputed journal, without proper research assistance a Ph.D. student can’t meet the journal requirements and get the publication done in a standard journal. Because reputed free journals will look for quality work and it take 10-14 months The research paper publication is a long-term process and the student can’t get it done within weeks or in a month. It is necessary to gain knowledge about various journals and the differences between each one of them.  Each Ph.D. scholar needs to get aware of a few things before starting the research work, which are

  1. How many articles do they need to publish and in which journals?
  2.  Do they require to publish survey papers and conference papers?
  3. Which implementation tool they are comfortable with?
  4. What will be the timeline to complete the work?
  5. What is the duration of the journal process?
  6. What’s the difference between open-access journals and unpaid journals?
  7. Is the scholar should proceed with paid journal publication?
  8. How many pages of the thesis?

Once the scholar gets knowledge about all these things they can plan their research work accordingly and get necessary guidance from research experts who help with research topic selection,  Ph.D. research methodology writing, research data analysis, research implementation, research paper writing,  and research report writing. Ph.D. scholar needs a research expert to feed them with information in every stage of their research work. They need to gain more and more knowledge about journals before starting the journal process.

GoToppr provides adequate support to get to know about the journal information and select the appropriate journal to get the publication. Apart from that, GoToppr helps scholars to complete their research work within the course duration. The technical expert and programmers of GoToppr have around 17+ experience and they can provide the best Ph.D. assistance and Ph.D. guidance to a research scholar. The GoToppr team is here to help each scholar to clarify doubts with proper justifications in each phase of their research.

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